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December 28, 2014 - Site Update
Will be moving things around over the next few days. Many thanks to for 10 years of webhosting. Most notably, I have started uploading some tracks to

August 17, 2011 - New Songs! - No Centuries Club
Recorded 3 songs over my 2 week holiday. Calling the "album" No Centuries Club
Blue Bird (acoustic) is an acoustic version of an old song of mine.
No Need to Explain has kind of a celtic feel, perhaps.
Number One is a super cheesy pop song.

June 15, 2009 - New Song - Lightforce Remix
I've been listening to SLAY Radio quite a bit recently, and there were songs that kept sticking out at me, which turned out to be remixes of music from an old Commodore 64 game called Lightforce. I wanted to make a rock/metal version. I guess this is kind of a remix, but also a medley in the sense that this isn't strictly a cover of the Lightforce music, but I just took the parts I liked, and then while I was arranging it I couldn't help but mix in some Mega Man 2 and Castlevania music, both from the NES. Here is my Lightforce Remix.

October 15, 2008 - New Song - See my Diligent Hand
I've had the music for this one in my head for ages, and finally wrote some words to it about 2 weeks ago and recorded it this past weekend. It's a pretty minimalist recording - one vocal and one track of acoustic guitar. Probably the least recording I've done for a song, but I think this style suits the song pretty well. It's called See my Diligent Hand.

April 29, 2007 - New Song - Hemogoblin
Man, this one has been a long time coming. I starting recording this almost exactly 2 years ago. There is a lot going on in this song, and I still feel like it could have been mixed better, but I have cut myself off and called it done. This is another song where I've tried to combine some elements of celtic music with a bit of metal. Heh, that's me on the fiddle in the beginning... that's about the extent of my fiddling ability :) Anyways, here is Hemogoblin.

July 29, 2006 - New Song - The Giant's Wheel
This song started out as a powermetal song, but for some reason ended up acoustic. One day I'll record the electric version. Anyways, I've had some of the music for this song for a while (several years), but only finished it in the last few weeks. I like the way the lyrics turned out - that is, vague and interpretable for listeners, but still holding a clear meaning in my head. So, I present: The Giant's Wheel (acoustic)

May. 24, 2006 - Starting a Band - Want to Join?
Guitarist (me) & Drummer looking for second guitarist, bassist, and high-flying vocalist for powermetal/rock band doing originals and covers. Emphasis on melodic metal! Think Iron Maiden, Gamma Ray, Nightwish, etc. Male or female; preferably 20-something years old. Mostly for fun, but also for gigging.

Nov. 26, 2005 - New Song - Blind Guardian Acoustic Medley!
As some of you know I am a big fan of the band Blind Guardian. Not only are they amazing performers, but their songwriting and musical ideas have always impressed me. Their recordings are frequently layered with many ideas to support the main melody, but in spite this style of presentation the songs themselves are very strong and can stand on their own.

I've been playing a lot of acoustic guitar over the last little while, and started trying some of BG's songs acoustically. The band has released some acoustic versions of their songs , eg. Mordred's Song and Bright Eyes, but I wanted to do songs thay they had not yet done acoustically. I picked parts of 5 songs: The Curse of Feanor, Time Stands Still (at the Iron Hill), The Bard's Song (The Hobbit), Mirror Mirror, and Valhalla, and made them all fit together. So, here is my Blind Guardian Acoustic Medley.

Sept. 14, 2005 - New Pearls! (for real this time!)
After solving a few issues related to the whereabouts of the floor tom, I present: The Pearls of Boren Isle. It's been re-recorded and has drums courtesy of Alex Edye (thanks!) and additional vocals by Jennifer Shaw (thanks!). It sounds good!

Speaking of pearls, I saw Pearl Jam last week here in Winnipeg - what a show! Fantastic! You can actually download an official bootleg of a concert on the current tour from their website for about ten bucks. The sound quality is quite good, but of course, it's still not the same as actually being there.

(What a segue!)

Sept. 6, 2005 - New Pearls!
I finally have another song ready. Actually, it's an old song: The Pearls of Boren Isle. It's been re-recorded and has drums courtesy of Alex Edye (thanks!) and additional vocals by Jennifer Shaw (thanks!). It's starting to look like my next group of songs (or "album") will be called bonus songs, since that's where I seem to be putting these new ones.

What's next? I have two more songs to record and then I'll probably take a break. Hopefully I'll have at least one them up by the end of the month, but no guarantees!

Aug. 23, 2005 - New Song! - Blue Bird
I hope everyone is still enjoying summer! I have finally posted the first of a few new songs - this one is called Blue Bird. I kinda like how this one turned out. If you're interested, the lyrics have been posted in the lyrics section (under bonus songs).

I hope to have at least one more song posted by the end of the month... with maybe two more coming in the fall. Stay tuned!

Apr. 5, 2005 - Songwriting in progress
There are approximately 5 songs written so far for my next recording session. My goal is to have some new recordings on the site by the end of August 2005.

Jan. 22, 2005 - Email is Up and Running!
Hooray! I don't know if anyone noticed, but I've been having trouble getting the email thing going. Wellsir, my troubles are no more thanks to a spiffy new email form! It's in the contact section.

Jan. 5, 2005 - New Song! - Time Axe
Time Axe is available for download (see the mp3s section for full credits). The lyrics for this song are the result of a spontaneous collaboration between myself and my friends Sean, Mike, Dan and Frano. Over the holidays they were all able to sing background vocals on the recording too! Thanks guys!

I also reorganized the mp3s section - Time Axe is the first Bonus Song!

Nov. 11, 2004 - Changes?
The intro blurb has always been the way it is right now. (And you love Big Brother)

Nov. 3, 2004 - First Post!
Yay! First post! Thanks to Chris for helping me get this site online. I've only tested it in a few (newer) browsers. Hopefully if you're using an older browser, or something other than IE/Mozilla/Firefox/Opera the site still looks ok. If not, please let me know... see the contact section for contact info. I plan to have 2 more songs up by the end of 2004, so don't forget to check back here for updates!

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