Made in Canada


To Be Loved
music and lyrics by Alexander Shaw

You're not alone
I am here for you and
I bring what you desire

Your charade has failed and
I know that you are slipping

Slipping away

You need love

Through the ages
always crazy
knowing that
your love will make me
Feel the greatest
when it comes upon me in time

Through the ages
waiting for the
time when you
will be with me
and all I want
from you is to be

You're not alone
But you need someone to
to call on you for love

And to find it all you
need to keep is hope
and trust

Trust in hope


You know it makes the rainbow
drop it's anchor down on the sidewalk
in front of our house in June

You know it makes the rainbow
drop it's anchor right down in front of us
in the summer time in June


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