Made in Canada


Time Axe
music by Alexander Shaw
lyrics by Alexander Shaw, Sean Covernton, Mike Smith, Danny McCrae and Frano Sailer

Cutting through eternity
Its blade controls the time
Many men dare want it but
that fucking axe is mine!

The haft goes in your right hand
and no one will be left
The astral cogs are breaking now
'cos time will soon be cleft

As we reach the climax
Time Axe! Time Axe!

When we face the hard facts
Time Axe! Time Axe!

Can't defend its attacks
Time Axe! Time Axe!

Opening the portal
About to step inside
Time unfolds before me
The axe, my only guide

I walk the planes of eons
I teeter at their edge
I wail a song of challenge as
I leap from off the ledge


It's swinging and it's flinging
It hits and makes a dinging
As I hurtle forth in time

I hear a chorus singing
for all the doom I'm bringing
As I hurtle forth in time

The chrono-beasts are angered
They ride a storm of glass
We enter into battle
Now lets kick some chrono-ass!

The axe reveals its power
The beasts will feel its sting
I stand above the bodies,
Their past and future king


Now I am the Time King
and I have naught to do
I went into the time forest
and built a time canoe

I canoe along time rivers
I fucking time portage
and then I put my time canoe
inside my time garage


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