Made in Canada


The Pearls of Boren Isle
music and lyrics by Alexander Shaw

Standing alone on the Boren sea cliff
hearing the waves in a distant memory
Living again the time I took the pearls
        a long long time ago

Listen to the song of the Pearls of Boren Isle
        it's a universal tale
  Capture a pearl for bliss but pay a price
        a nearly fatal toll

Nightmares came chasing after me
In the tide and atmosphere
Like a ghost I floated there
just existing

Myth says the pearls are strong today
I give this warning now to you:
when you go out you must beware
of the Pearls of Boren Isle

Once I had heard that the Pearls were close at hand
        I had no more memory
Fixed to the plan of capture I was bent
my mind, eroded, scraped away

Some tried to warn me then, to stay away
        in a different galaxy
Then I beheld the Pearls of Boren Isle
        and elation came to me
        elation came to me


Pursue the Pearls - false happiness
Damned are all who have success
they are hidden by a candle from the world
in the name of harmony
till they hit the ground

The break of the day on the silver mountain came
        I was realised once again
The soul of the knave was gone and in his place
        a knight of greater wisdom stood

        Fade away my Pearl began to fade
I had beaten it at last
        Now I am free of my Pearl of Boren Isle
        elation came to me
        elation came to me


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