Made in Canada


music by Alexander Shaw, Christophe Audette and Mike Smith
lyrics by Alexander Shaw

For you
I've got nothing to fe--ul
I've got somewhere to be--ah
I've got nothing to say
to you
so you might as well keep on walking

I've got nothing to fee-ul,
and it's all for good
done for all
done for good

Here I am RDTN
until I know once more
I don't exaggerate
I'm ready but I can wait
longer than before

Doubt I won't do it again
I've got no reason not to
Satellite bands will
come together soon
got no reason not to

'm not listening to me
who's not listening to you
  Didn't seem to know
that you
were thinking of the
same thing I was

I should've acted sooner
things can change
change for good
good for change


This cycle must be broken down for free
I want to but I feel like I'm holding me back
I tear it down but then it's born again


Music copyright ? 2004 Alexander Shaw, Christophe Audette and Mike Smith
Lyrics copyright ? 2004 Alexander Shaw
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