Made in Canada


Lost in Fantasy
music and lyrics by Alexander Shaw

With the sun below the sky
The evil spirits wake and cry
But we are safe inside our home
for through these walls they cannot roam

So close you eyes
it's warm inside
and rest your head
dream instead

We'll be lost in fantasy
There we will examine destiny

Rolling quickly on the road
Passing hills and Kaevin Sea
Past the villa where it's haunted
(But) None of them are scared by me

To the mountains we are going
Where the oldest river runs
It's there that it grows
and there we will learn
what we mean from what it knows


High atop the world we wonder
as we look out through the shrouds
Captured flight takes us to Aeros
the ancient ruin in the clouds

As we approach we see the pillars
and the water falls and greens
It's here that we're home
and when we arrive
we find the meaning of alive


The vast expanses of the
new worlds in my mind
Are all the dances of a
little baby boy
Watch the dance

Now it's clear why we're lost and why we're here
Please my dear, know that for you I am here
it's all I know.

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