Made in Canada


Let the War Begin
music and lyrics by Alexander Shaw

Along the walls of the perimeter
Darkness fell and gloomy shadows moved
Our general yelled to launch the first attack
We cried 'Ho!'
and let the war begin

They readied fire to retaliate
They hit us hard but we were hard to stop
O'er the walls we began to fight
We cried 'Ho!'
and let the war begin

The gates were down and we were moving in
Our goal in sight we each had strength renewed
With rally call we stormed their last defense
We cried 'Ho!'
and let the war begin

The clang of battle rang throughout the night
No mercy shown from the other side
Along the skyline some say fire burned
We cried 'Ho!'
and let the war begin

Acting for the aid of all
The darkened ones who stand shall fall
Long shall be the age of light
So rally now, as one we fight

Through vicious combat we emerged at last
The dawn emerged and all were swept away
Still we knew our quest was incomplete
We cried 'Ho!'
and let the war begin

A heavy burden was the toll of war
We won the battle but the war's alive
Another day we'll win the final round
and cry 'Ho!'
and let the war begin


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